Hear the Doggies Howl

by The Doggies

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Nuspek 03:08
... "gotta get home and comb my hair; mow the cat and feed the lawn"
What's the matter darling is it all for show? First you say you love me, then you just don't know? When I think of things said and done... ...I see your eyes above me having too much fun ! I need a girl who can dance all night... ... & still look good in the morning light; Jump on a plane in boots and jeans, make love in the field in the summer rain... so... tell me ...
traditional except that Juan had to make up another verse (the 2nd)
Used car salesmen preachers, and weatherman prophet card dealers pray with common sense dreamers, we marry their daughters anyway; Pop star charity be-ins feed unemployed politicians Toaists, Jews, Moslems and Christians wrestle with pagan in-laws; Con men swindlers and gamblers ought to take lessons from farmers on how to be investment bankers; we're giving it all away for free... so... Let's build a town of our own not just a pile of stones but real masonic arches with a couple of smiling gargoyles and crystal clear drinking water that pours in over the alter that's holy hydro electric power from earth mother mountain spring water!
Jacqueline 02:23
Jacqueline, my love, there's no one quite like you Jacqueline, my love, it's you-ou-ou
Cycle Zero 04:48
...and then I'll start a new life, maybe then I'll be the sky; & when I am born can I be free? and know that I am as you are me!
"Control is next to none..."
Theme Ether 04:34
... "and play like no one, sing straight from the heart; play like no one, but be true; true to the art."
"He never used the brakes because they made him go slow!"
went to a party with an x witch doctor. said he gave it up but x was his rating; seems he lost his soul 3 or 4 or 5 years ago; an angel saved him with with a white crow feather, she had eyes like you see in the jungle, but the rest of her was a pure as new fallen snow"


"Hear the Doggies Howl" The Doggies breakthrough CD! 14 tunes featuring Juan, Sandy, Mikey, & Sparkoon Classic first appearance of theme "the Doggie Song"..... the harbingerish "Nuspek" and "Let's Build A Town of Our Own With a Couple Of Smiling Gargoyles" This "Live Sound" CD captures the eclectic songwriting & ?scisocial themes which are rapidly becoming more popular everyday. Recorded analog in the barn on an 8 track, mixed with no monitors, few overdubs, & lots of Sandy's drums! But what a rock and roll set. "Just Like You" & "Jesse James" have interesting slide guitar both acoustic and electric.


released June 9, 2009


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